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4 weeks old

on 08/10/05 Rooster weighed 10lbs

on 08/10/05 Goose weighed 8lb 9.6oz

on 08/10/05 Talon weighed 8lbs 12.8oz

on 08/10/05 Quail weighed 9lbs 6.4oz

on 08/10/05 Kele weighed 9lbs 6.4oz

on 08/10/05 Dyami weighed 9lbs 9.6oz

"Feather" (Sixstar's Little Eagle Feather) wouldn't stand still*
on 08/10/05 Feather weighed 8lbs 6.4oz

Goose with gramma Star - Kele

Rooster - Goose

Kele, Goose, Quail & Feather- Goose with gramma

Rooster & Goose

Goose with "the nanny" 10yr old Nikoma

Goose with gramma & nanny

watching kitty Pryde

the pups with Pryde

Goose, Feather, Rooster & Quail - Talon, Goose & co.

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