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7 weeks old

Goose & Quail (who both have families waiting for them)

Talon (who's waiting for a family)

Kele, Rooster & Feather with a cool damp sheet

Feather (who is tentatively spoken for) & Goose

Feather with 6yr old gramma Star

napping on the kitchen tile

Rooster (who is staying here) playing with gramma Star

Quail chewing on nanny Nikoma's tail

Gramma Star asking pups what they are doing under the cot

Rooster with Nikoma - Kele & Goose with Nikoma

Dyami (tentatively spoken for) with gramma Star


Goose with Nikoma

Talon with gramma Star


Goose playing with gramma

Talon - Goose & Quail


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