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7 weeks old

playing with a box..

playing in/on the "baby" tunnel

Quail - Rooster

Quail, Goose & Kele

Dyami checking out the bigger tunnel

Rooster, Goose & Talon

Feather & Quail

Dyami - Kele

Quail & Goose - Goose

Quail on the phone with her new mommy


Feather, Kele & Rooster

fishing for puppies...

I think there is a nibble on the line...

the bait has been taken...

the line is bound to snap... its a big one!

they are too little.. better throw them back

Feather on the phone with her mom to be - Talon with toe chewing mischief on his mind

Goose & Dyami

pups at play...

Goose & Dyami

more box play...


Goose & Talon

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