Sixstar's 2001 Pups' 3rd B'day Party - April 25th, 2004
7yr old dad, "Roku" Int'l/Nat'l CH Arctic Rose Arnljot,CGC,TT
& mom, "Star" Int'l/Nat'l CH Marbledanes RWR Nitro Star, CGC,TT
with 7 of their 10 Sixstar pups.

Service Dog, Sixstar's The Lass Unicorn,CGC,PAT - "Lass"
Service Dog in Training, Sixstar's Third Time's A Charm,CGC - "Fortune"
major pointed Multi Nat'l/Int'l CH Sixstar's The Eagle Has Landed,CGC,TT - "Eagle"
Multi Nat'l/Int'l CH Sixstar's Rising Sun Phoenix,CGC,TT - "Phoenix"
Multi Nat'l/Int'l CH Sixstar's Space Odyssey,CGC - "DJ"
Sixstar's Happy Tailed Comet - "Comet"
& Sixstar's Three CoinsNTheFountn - "Keitaro"
with friends Max, Kenga & Molly Mo
and 1st cousin Luca

2001 litter with dad & mom
Roku, DJ, Eagle, Comet, Phoenix & Star

DJ,Star,Luca & Molly ~ Comet & Keitaro

Luca & Fortune

Comet ~ Eagle

Lass, Roku, Star & Luca

Roku, Lass & Max

Luca, Comet, Eagle ~ Phoenix

Eagle, Phoenix, Lass, Luca, Star & Comet

Fortune, Luca & Lass

Molly, Luca, Lass & DJ

Roku, Phoenix, Comet, Luca & Lass

Star, Phoenix, Eagle & Roku

Comet, Luca & Eagle

Luca ~ Roku

Fortune, Luca & Keitaro

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