Sixstar's 2001 Litter Reunion (2)

October 28th, 2001

Samoyed Club
of O.C.
All Breed
Fun Match & Costume Contest
[All 4 Sixstar Pups were bred 'n are fed B.A.R.F.]

Sixstar's The Eagle Has Landed; "Eagle" 1st Place 6-9 mo Dog & BEST OF BREED
Sixstar's Rising Sun Phoenix; "Phoenix" 1st Place 6-9 mo Bitch
Sixstar's Space Odyssey ; "DJ" 2nd Place 6-9 mo Dog
No costume placements

Comet LOVES his mom!

Phoenix is dressed for a luau. She asks "Where's the succulent pig?"

DJ & 'big sister' Miss Molly Mo

Let's face it.. this fly boy's grounded!

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