Two Sixstar pups are Service Dogs
they are Lass & Fortune

Lass graduated February 21st,2004!

Fortune graduated March 12th,2005!

Merle Great Dane whelped 06/02/02

~Lass is built & energized by a Raw Food Diet~

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Lass is being trained as a Service Dog by/for her adopted 'mom',Amanda
with assistance from an organization called LEASHES FOR LIVING

About Leashes For Living

L4L classes meet three times monthly for 3 - 3 1/2 hours at a time.
Usually one class each month involves a field trip
(Such as a grocery store, mall, fire station, Del Mar fair, Sea World,
a dog park to observe pack behavior, pet store, restaurant, etc)

L4L is a two year program although some dogs take longer and a few have graduated early.

L4L teaches many thing depending on what's needed such as..
  • pulling wheelchairs
  • giving walking / balance support
  • retrieving dropped canes/crutches.
  • open/closing doors
  • turning light switches on/off
  • bringing the handler the phone or other items
  • and even help with dressing/undressing.

    Hearing & Medical Alert dogs are also trained through L4L.

    All of the dogs are taught basic obedience and retrieval.
    The more specialized behaviors are taught
    depending on the needs of the person working with the dog.

    The first test the dogs take is the CGC (Canine Good Citizenship)
    about 6 - 7 months into the program.

    At about one year the dogs (and handlers) take the Public Access Test.
    The second year is spent working on specialized behaviors and special skills.

    A great deal of the training is done through click and treat.
    Other training methods are also used such as targeting, association, and reflex.

    The dogs are trained using positive methods as we want them to work
    because they enjoy it not because they feel forced to.

    Many breeds have passed through this program including -
    a Yorkshire Terrier, Mexican Hairless, Australian Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Boxers,
    German Shepherds, a Pit Bull Terrier, a Doberman & a Greater Swiss Mountain dog.

    There have been a number of mixed breeds in all sizes.
    Labs and Goldens are very common.
    Lass will be the first Dane in this program.

    L4L is different than most in that the people with disabilities are taught to train their dogs themselves.
    Most programs foster puppies out, then have the dog trained, and then place the dog with a handler.

    With L4L the bond between dog and person is developing all through the training.

    For more info about L4L contact :
    13684 Hilleary Pl. # 142 Poway, CA 92064
    (619) 679-6537 or visit their website here

    For more on Service Dogs click here.

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