Our "grandsons" Loke & Tano

Here is the email that accompanied the pictured above:
"Hello! I'm pleased to be able to be able to report that Loke and Tano
are both still in great health...and as energetic as puppies.
Those in the know about Great Danes are always surprised at the way
Loke and Tano come across as so youthful (at the grand old age of 6 now)
...despite the fact that they are starting to sport a bit more white about their faces,
as can be seen in the photo (the distinguished look?).

At the moment the boys are engaged in a very intense game
with the neighboring cows (fortunately separated by a fence)
The cows tiptoe to the fence, the boys bark, the cows run.
The boys go silent, the cows tiptoe back to the fence.
And the cycle starts again.

There are times when all concerned, dogs and cows,
become so exhausted they simply collapse on the ground on their respective sides of the fence.
I figure the exercise is probably good for both species.
The cows, by the way, are so engaged in the sport that they literally
line up at the fence waiting for me to let the dogs out;
if I installed some sort of a door bell for them I'd never have any peace."

Dyami & his mom with a note that she posted on a board we are both on

"This is Dyami - a son of Eagle and brother of Rooster
- the two guys you see playing with Saber in all the cool pictures!

Rachel & John really did me more of a favor than I think they'll ever know
when they allowed us to be Dyami's forever home...
I had more fear in me after being bitten so badly twice
by our rescued Anatolian than I really knew.
(you may be able to see the scars on my
right forefinger in this photo, it was nearly bitten OFF.)

Having Dyami has made me aware of how fearful I'd become,
and he's helped my move past those fears because of how wonderful he is.
This is a great help because we are also raising our Anatolian puppy Midilli,
and she benefits from having me be much less tentative, as well as having an awesome
"Uncle Yams" to play and wrestle with!

I just can't thank them enough for breeding, raising and training
such a wonderfully stable dog - he's everything we'd hoped he'd be and more."

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