GREAT DANESJudge: Mr. Carl J. Anderson
GREAT DANES Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 PBJS JAKE OF VON EVANS , WS171050 12/7/2005. Breeder: Beverly Evans & Gabriel Rangel. By CH Surfsides Stairway to Heaven v PBJS -- Vonreisnoff Lady Victoria. Bev Evans . Dog. Patricia Schempp, Agent.

7 VALINORS CHANCE AT BLACKJACK , WS15103108 11/8/2005. Breeder: Evrett Van Dyken & Paul Picciau. By CH Servadeielecta Kahnsonofthor -- CH Valinors I'll Take You There. Brandi D. Boitnott . Dog.
GREAT DANES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

39 DANATLBRK BOSTWICK OF BRIER LERA , WS14928005 8/10/2006. Breeder: Dawn Dana & Jackie While. By CH Etal's Will He Or Won't He SanRoque -- CH Dana Tallbrook's Ruby Begonia. Brian & Debbie Freymueller & Karen Lindsay and Beverly Dermody-Hilderley. Dog. Brianne Rock, Agent.
GREAT DANES 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 SUNSTRIKE ROMEO , WS12486606 2/14/2005. Breeder: Joe & Pat Goldrick & Jill Swedlow. By CH Lagarada Sunstrike Alliance -- CH Sunstrike Cherries Jubilee. Kristin and David Noe . Dog. Julie Rock, Agent.

11 JAYA'S LEGENDARY JOURNEY , WS13948907 5/26/2005. Breeder: Jody L. Loop. By CH Jerdans Oliver Twist -- Jaya's Honor of a Windwalker. Amanda Bradley and Jody Loop . Dog.
GREAT DANES Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
17 SIXSTAR'S THE EAGLE HAS LANDED , WR02185201 4/27/2001. Breeder: Rachel and John Cawley. By Arctic Rose Arnljot -- Marbledanes RWR Nitro Star. Rachel and John Cawley . Dog.
GREAT DANES Open Fawn Dogs.
19 WOLKE TALLY HO'S CITATION , WS08356904 4/29/2004. Breeder: Joan C. Wolke and George & Heidi. Priestman By CH Gameplans You Can Call Me Ray -- CH Tally Ho's Wil-Tar's Nefretiti. Joan Wolke . Dog.
GREAT DANES Open Harlequin Dogs.

21 DANERIDGE'S NOTORIOUS DURAN , WS13077003 5/13/2005. Breeder: Maryann Wilson. By CH GMJ's the CEO Speaks -- Daneridge's Silver Bullet. Jim Howey . Dog.
GREAT DANES Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 DANERIDGE'S XENA , WS15478201 12/1/2005. Breeder: Maryann Wilson, Tricia Baxter. and Dillistin By DTVS Can You Hear Me Now -- Daneridges Silver Bullet. Maryann Wilson and Tricia Baxter . Bitch.

8 TOP HAT'S MYSTICAL MAGIC , WS15537703 11/8/2005. Breeder: owner. By CH Bgdawgs Numero Uno -- CH SirBlu's Shooting Star. Lynn Dowd . Bitch.
GREAT DANES American Bred Bitches.
12 SHORELINE WEST OF KRISDA DUZ CALIF , WS10730103 11/15/2004. Breeder: Susan Yotive, Connie Kennedy. and Kathy Fontana By CH Fontana Krisda's Group Effort -- CH Krisda Kennedy's Fabled Egypt. Jim D. Bailey and Dr. Nancy Schycker-Bailey . Bitch. Brianne Rock, Agent.

14 KC DANES GONE WITH THE WIND , WS11436103 12/14/2004. Breeder: Kathryn J. Netser. By CH Windy Hill's Gold Plated -- CH Sherone Betty D Grandy. Richard Jones and Loy Ann Querin-Jones . Bitch. Linda Mattson, Agent.
GREAT DANES Open Brindle Bitches.

16 PBJS MEGA BUCKS , WS09646601 7/8/2004. Breeder: Jackie Kap, Beverly Smith. and Peggy Smith-Kenny By CH Penadane's Dream Maker -- Offshore's Page In History. Roberta M. Jolly and Gary L. Jolly . Bitch. Mort Evans, Agent.
GREAT DANES Open Harlequin Bitches.
20 RAINMASTER'S SHE'S MY KIND OF RAIN , WS11580006 10/16/2004. Breeder: Jan Miner. By CH Riverwood's Rondo Dundee -- CH Saravilla's Cant Stop The Rain. Lisa Garrison . Bitch.
GREAT DANES Best-of-Breed/Variety

18 P.B.J.'S FOREIGN CURRENCY , WS09646602 7/8/2004. Breeder: Jackie Kap, Beverly Smith and. Peggy Smith-Kenny By CH Penadane's Dream Maker -- Offshore's Page in History. Jackie Kap & Bev Evans & Peggy Smith and Susan Richards. Bitch. Mort Evans, Agent.
22CH RONDOMAR VERONICA , WS06050303 7/21/2003. Breeder: Doety Marks. By CH Avanti's All For One Elan -- CH Gypsydane's Jasmine. Doety Marks . Bitch.

23CH RB'S BREAKING NEWS V TALLBRK , WR03997504 7/21/2001. Breeder: Mary Brownell and Bob Brownell. By CH Dana's Tallbrook Town Crier TLC -- CH Sanlodane's Lady Chloe. Mary Brownell and Bob Brownell . Dog.
24CH RONDOMAR SAMANTHA , WS06050304 7/21/2003. Breeder: Doety Marks. By CH Avanti's All For One Elan -- CH Gypsydane's Jasmine. Doety Marks . Bitch.

25CH SURFSIDE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN V PBJ'S , WS08452702 4/26/2004. Breeder: Mary Lee. By CH Maitau's Never Better -- CH Surfside Winstar Heaven Lee. Mort and Beverly Evans and PBJs Danes . Dog.

27CH DE ROBLES COLORADO CAPER , WS04016401 5/10/2003. Breeder: owner. By CH Lagarada's Aspen Gold -- CH Anadane's Summer Solstice. Shari and Ken Ziegenbein . Dog. Dick Schaefer, Agent.
29CH PRESIDIO'S CHECKMATE , WR00880701 1/18/2001. Breeder: owner and Trish Hodny. By Spotwerks Ozzie The Dreamer -- Presidio's. Myles Thurman . Dog.
31CH PCH START THE COMMOTION , WS08333001 4/8/2004. Breeder: Suzzane Kelleher-Duckett. By CH GMJ's The Five Card Studd -- CH PCH It's What's Shakin. Suzzane Kelleher-Duckett . Dog. Beth Whitcher, Agent.
33CH SHAH SHAH JAEGER , WS04619303 6/19/2003. Breeder: Wendy Allehouse. By CH B B Great Expectation of Jerdan -- Aleedale's Aurora Borealis. Christina Jaeger . Dog.