Baron, the Great Dane, in a Thomasville commercial

*Pictures are screen grabs from the actual commercial*

[Baron enters livingroom from around corner and slowly skid-stops. Stands.]

"Do dogs have a sense of style?"

[Baron in kitchen. Looks at bowl of fancy goldfish]

[Close-up laying on couch]
"Do they prefer modern over classical?"

[Looking down at dog rope toy on floor]

"Would they ever turn their nose up at something polyester?"
[Looking at picture of dog on side table.]

[Close-Up Baron on couch]
"Probably Not."

"But its uncanny how they always find the most beautiful sofa in the house."
[Baron runs to couch, jumps over arm of couch. Lays down.]

(animated gif above)

[Baron looks over back of couch]

[Thomasville screen]

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