Sixstar's 2002 Pups' B-day Party - June 6th, 2004
mom, "Star" Int'l/Nat'l CH Marbledanes RWR Nitro Star,CGC,TT
& 3 Sixstar pups!
Service Dog, Sixstar's The Lass Unicorn,CGC,PAT - "Lass"
Service Dog in Training, Sixstar's Third Time's A Charm,CGC,PAT - "Fortune"
Multi Nat'l/Int'l CH Sixstar's Rising Sun Phoenix,CGC,TT - "Phoenix"
cousin Hladik's Pick Six To Win - "Luca"
and a few Dane buddies & dogs at Dog Beach

2002 litter - Lass
Whinny was unable to attend - we missed her

Dog Beach; Ocean Beach, CA

Lass,Star, Fortune, Phoenix & Lass

Fortune & Luca


Luca, Lass & Star

Phoenix & Star

Star & Luca

Star, Phoenix, Fortune & Luca


Triple Play - Luca, Phoenix & Star
look closely


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