Sept 29th, 2007
Some pixs from the Friends of Long Beach Animals Walk & Blessing of the Animals

Near the beginning of the 2K walk. Saber seems to have picked up a lil girl during the walk :)

There were lots of people in this fundraiser walk


During the walk. Yeah that's a lil Chi walking with Saber

Saber starting to be hugged by a Reverend

Being blessed...

Being blessed again. Saber was thrice blessed here.

A lil exercise...

This was a big event. Saber was so good. He made us very proud.
Super horse - we have since bought fabric for a better cape.

Saber with friend, Rainbow

Saber won for the 'big dog' category in Costume Contest

Tired Saber on the drive home

A couple videos from the walk & blessing

both have Saber in them

You can see some more pixs and another video here

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