MFA's Rabblerousin' Bronx
Great Dane - November 13th, 1995 - January 21st, 2000

He was our first Harlequin...
He taught us the -in your face-, comical personality of Harls.
He taught us the beauty of floppy natural ears.
He was a "celebrity" and a Canine Good Citizen.
He was a dog of disguises - who loved dressing in costumes.

Sadly, health problems plagued him, making his life difficult.
Now he has left us, but we know he is waiting for us at the bridge.
The breeder said he was "pet quality".
They were wrong...
He was QUALITY pet.

Named after the Disney Gargoyles' character due to his gutteral vocalizations,

Bronx was our first celebrity...
Appearing on the puppy vitamin bottle for the Foster and Smith company
as well as in their catalog, in an issue of Canis Max magazine & in our local paper.

We light a candle as a symbol of our love for him.

Bronx was our ...

He enjoyed...
-- --
and so much more!

Tho he is gone, Bronx lives on
through Baron, his 'son' in all but blood

---- ----

"We'll never forget you, Bronx"