California Dane Day !

Dedicated to having 'Tail Wagging' fun with our four footed friends!

What is CA.D.D?
We are a non-profit group of people who live in Southern California
who share/have shared/wish to share
their lives with Great Danes.
Non-California residence are welcome to join
-keep inform as to what we are doing incase you visit the area.

What do you do?
We socialize! We go out to leash free parks,
beaches,hiking and more with our Danes.

Other breeds are welcome as long as they ok with BIG DOGS!

Curious? Check out here
to find out what we're doing now.

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Summer/Fall/Winter 2000 Pixs

Memorial Day 2000 Event

May 2000 Event
Easter 2000 Event
See photos from the Scooby Party Cruise!
More 1999 Event Pixs

Where to go? Grab the paper from pooch's mouth.

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based in Arizona.

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