a.k.a. Diamond or Tie-Dye

(John John x Diamondeagle's Kachina)
03/15/77 - 04/16/01
Appaloosa gelding

When I first met Diamond it was the end of summer 1990....
A couple of friends and I were out looking at horses.
I was looking for a young horse with some spunk and my friends
wanted a older, laid back companion as they were fairly new to horses.

We drove up to this farm home through the simple gate with the sign Rancho Kantaford above.
Off to the right of the house was a large stall with a single horse standing.
An Appaloosa, a spotted horse.
I knew a little about Appaloosas from the ones at the boarding ranch....
but it seems as if I was destined to learn more.

This gelding (neutered horse) in the stall at first glance wasn't anything out of the ordinary.
We were told he was 13 yrs old and that he was barn sour
as the owner had hurt his back & couldn't ride anymore.
I started to look this horse over for my friends, maybe this guy was a good choice for them.

That afternoon I'll never forget.....

This horse was a true character with a sense of humor.

His smiles were contagious.
His actions often causing laughter which he loved to hear.
This horse was making it clear he was to be my companion.
When I rode him it just clicked.
He was spunky and spirited, his age didn't matter.

I remember what a friend of mine who bred & raised Arabians said about people who have Appaloosas,
"They're too cheap to buy a real horse and too proud to ride a cow."
He always said this with a smile as we worked our horses together.

Having an Appie I had to know more about them.
They were bred by a tribe of Native Americans called the Nez Pierce who really knew horses.
The plight of the Nez Pierce with the U.S. Calvary affected this noble breed of horses
almost wiping them from the face of the earth.

These horses were bred to be swift & sure footed and Diamond was that to a 'T'.
Whether it was riding the steep mesa tops or being in gymkhanas/playdays Diamond was a winner.
Together we were a team.
We won many a ribbon together ...

Diamond's favorite event was Barrel Racing as he was always raring to go.

More than a winner Diamond was a therapist of sorts ...

When things got me down it was inevitably Diamond who made it better.
His ears would swivel back listening to me as
we'd go out for a trail ride through the brush, across the shallow river and run along the beach.

The rhythmic patter of his hooves on the wet sand,
the splashing of the water across his legs & body, the wind blowing his mane,
his heavy breath like a locomotive as his stride gobbled up the shore's length.
Everytime it was incredible... he was incredible!

Diamond was also a babysitter...
He always knew how to be gentle when around kids or inexperienced riders.
He was always patient and loving.

Diamond was most importantly my friend.
We had a special bond that words could never describe.
You just had to see it.

Diamond's body is gone, he is a spirit horse now
and I know when it's my turn to pass from this world he'll be coming to carry me home.

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