Ears to you ..

"Call me Ears.

I'm the host of this here page.

My job, to show good folks like you how to
get the 'flying nun' ears, like mine, under control.

How would you like ear lay
like Reveille's pictured below ?

(Sadly Reveille succumed to Cancer at 9 mo of age. Please visit his memorial page)
Look good to you?

While some Danes naturally have a good lay to their ears....
(like the two pups pictured below)
others need some assistance.

This is the technique we use and suggest."

"First of all you'll need supplies...
Scissors & Tape
Not just any tape, Elastikon.
You can get this very sticky, breathable, elastic tape from
your veterinarian or at a medical supply place.

You'll need to cut two strips of similiar length.

Attach a strip to the underside of one ear with the
sticky side facing towards the outside of the ear.
[dots on the tape indicates the sticky side]

Then loop the tape under the chin and attach to the underside of the other ear."*

*Make sure jaw can comfortably open so
eating, drinking & chewing isn't hindered.
Also make sure that there isn't too much excess tape as to get caught up in the jaw.

"Then attach the other piece of tape
sandwiching the ears between the strips.
[sticky side to sticky side]

The length of the tape strips
depend of the size of the dog.
Often 5-6 inches will do."

"And that's it!

You should end up looking a little like me.

After awhile hopefully you'll have a nice ear set too.

Note: Just like any taping/bandaging be sure to keep
a watchful eye on it and change when necessary.

This technique works best when taping while the puppy is teething.
To remove tape we use alcohol.
To remove tape residue we use Mineral Oil.

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