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Having problems naming your new best friend?

Here's a few webpages that may help

Doggy Names, Petrix Dog Names,
Puppy Dog Web Names, Hund Dog Names,
Hylit Pet Names, Allison Dog Names,
BowWow Names, Well Pet Names,
CNoble Pet Names & Find-a-pet Pet Names

Here's something every pet owner and breeder could benefit from!

What's a 'ME" book?
It's a 3 Ring Binder (with clear sheet protectors)
dedicated totally to one of your pets.

Store copies of vaccination records, certificates, contracts, photos, lineage, identification info & more.

A great item to keep everything in its place and best yet its portable.
Just grab it and go.

Don't you wish your breeder gave you one to go with your pet?

Do you have a puppy?
We all know how fast they grow up.
Parents often mark the height of their children onto a poster or doorframe.
Why not with your puppy? - We do!

Our boy, Baron, was 7 weeks old when we got him and only 12 inches high at the shoulder.
Now, almost two years later he's close to 37 inches tall!

It's nice to see the mark by the door and remember when Baron was just a lil' guy.

Once again following in the footsteps of new parents..
The following can be done just about any age.
Pawprint Impressions!

Strader Creative Products has a great and easy kit called Precious Prints.
The kit includes a small wooden board and impression clay.
Here I kneaded the dough and flattened it on the board provided
then pressed our girl Star's paw into it.
Afterwards with a cookie cutter I made the star shape then
with a pencil etched in her name and age.
Then I put it in the oven.

To made it extra nice I used some gold paint after it was dried and cool
and super glued one of her puppy teeth to the upper left hand corner.
I also added a hanger onto the back so we can display this on the wall of our home.

We've even made these of our adult Danes.
They make a great gift.

If you can't locate these near you write to the company at-
Strader Creative Products/PO Box 1137/Paso Robles, CA 93447-1137

Next is something we did just this year and are ever so glad we did!
Many of you may or may even know people with photos of their canine 'kids' in their wallet.
Here's something even better -

Press the play button

This item is available at Radio Shack and allows you not only to see
an image of your pup, but to hear a recording of them as well.

Best yet it is very compact to easily fit in your pocket or purse
and allows you to re-record should you make a mistake
or just want a better voicing from your four legged friend.

A great keepsake of your puppy's voice or the loving voice of a friend who has passed on.

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