No puppies at this time.
Check with us in 2012.

CLICK HERE: important info regarding breeding dogs & Xrays.

Also of interest is this quote regarding Xrays

Radiation can be divided into ionizing or non ionizing radion. .....
Examples of ionizing radiation are electromagnetic maves such as nuclear radiation and the x-rays that we use when we take radiographs.

Ionizing radiation has enough energy to remove tightly bound electrons in an atom while non ioizing radiation does not.
It is the ionizing effect of radiation, which later on may cause damages in our tissues (free radicals created within the human body)

At low doses, such as the one which we receive every day
from background radiation,
a cell can repair the damage, but with higher doses a cell is often not capable to repair the damage,
and the cell may either be changed permanently or die.

Cells that die can be replaced by the body and cells that are changed completely may go on to produce abnormal cells.

Since these cells may become cancerous, this is an origin of an increased risk in cancer due to radiation exposure"

We do not feed dogfood.
Our puppies are weaned onto a raw diet.

Our most recent litter (born July 2005)
L to R: Goose, Kele, Dyami, Talon, Gyspy-Quail, Rooster & Feather

We do NOT crop ears, nor do we recommend cropping.

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