On Feb 17th,2006 Goose & his family came to visit
*During this time we were watching Bailey*

Goose & his parents

Goose with his aunt Bailey & dad, Eagle

Goose's mom, V with Gilly,Saber & Eagle

Goose, Bailey & Eagle

Loving on my grandson, Goose.. Saber is there too

Walking through the shopping area of Lake Arrowhead


Saber & Goose

Handsome Goose

Goose & his mom

Gilly, Saber & Goose

Goose & Saber

Saber meeting a puppy named Olive there

Loving on the boys

Goose - Gilly & Ben

Goose & his dad Eagle - Eagle

Eagle & Saber

A begging Saber - Goose with brother Rooster & dad Eagle

Bailey & Goose's dad Danny

Eagle & Saber asking for treats