Everybody loved Hossy!

MFA's Boundin Hoss Sasquatch
July 17th, 1995 - July 21st, 2000

Tears stream my eyes as I think of you
and days gone by.
I remember a time, I remember it well,
All the smiles you brought and the laughter as well.

Was at evening's light on vacation we were,
when you saw a rock hop, you noted the blur.

The following night we hunted for them,
we gathered them up to give to you friend.

Oh, how funny it was to see the look on your face
as this rounded thing leapt from its place.
What was next to happen we couldn't have guessed,
you hopped too - it was the best!

Toadies we called them, we gathered some more
always putting them near on the floor.
You found them fun and watching we did too
so there best be toads in heaven - just for you.

The day you came into our life... and into our hearts.

Cuddling with Storm - Running with the herd!

Wearing silly glasses - Celebrating #4!

You were Grandma 'n Grandpa's favorite Grand Dane!

We light a candle as a symbol of our love for him.

You're a good boy, Hoss
You'll always be our good boy!


Hoss is loved & missed by Sixstar Danes
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