IABCA Int'l/Nat'l CH Arctic Rose Arnljot, CGC,TT,TDI
[OFA GD-6981G33M-T, GD-EL216-T,
CERF GD-623/2001--5, GD-623/2000--43]

11/11/96 - 12/26/05

IABCA Int'l/Nat'l CH Marbledanes
RWR Nitro Star, CGC,TDI,TT - "Star"
[OFA GD-7851F25F-PI, GD-EL00373-PI]
08/27/99 - 09/06/06

 CH Chauffeured's S Valente (h)
CH Chauffeured's Benz
 CH Chauffeured's Mercedes (h)
 Chauffeured's Arctic Trooper - "Trooper"(h)
 Chauffeured's Col Caulpepper (h)
 Chauffeured's Rabbitt (h)
 CH Chauffeured's Silhouette (h)
 IABCA INT'L/NAT'L CH Arctic Rose Arnljot, CGC,TT,TDI - "Roku"(h)
 Am & Can CH Kimo's Rock of Cashel (h)
 CH Cashel-Kimo's Running Shoes (h)
 CH Daneridge's Marathon Girl (h)
 Arctic Rose Aurora's Lass [7pts;5 maj] - "Harlie" (h)
 New York City Graffiti (h)
 CH Arctic Rose Priscilla - "Priscilla" (h)
 Carousel of Crystal (h)
Sixstar's Threecoins N The Fountn, CGC(mrl w/ wht markings)- Neutered/Deceased 04/15/05
Sixstar's Threes Company, CGC (mrl w/ wht markings) - Neutered/Deceased 04/04/07
Sixstar's Three Ring Circus (harlequin) - Spayed
Sixstar's Third Times A Charm, CGC,PAT,TT (mantle) - Neutered

Whelped: March 19th, 2003

Sixstar's Horse OfADifrnt Color, TT (mrl w/ wht markings) - Spayed
Sixstar's The Lass Unicorn, CGC,PAT,TT (mrl w/ wht markings) - Spayed

Whelped: June 2nd, 2002

(AKC major pointed) BIS/RBIS UKC CH, Multi IABCA Nat'l & Int'l CH
Sixstar's The Eagle Has Landed, CGC,TT,RN
(harlequin) - Has Get & Frozen Semen Banked
IABCA Nat'l CH, Nat'/Int'l Baby CH Sixstar's Rising Sun Phoenix, CGC,TT (mantle) - Spayed
IABCA Multi Nat'l & Int'l CH Sixstar's Space Odyssey, CGC (mantle) - Neutered
Sixstar's Happy Tailed Comet, CGC (mrl w/ wht markings) - Neutered

Whelped: April 27th, 2001
 GMJ's The Vincent A Ramsey (mtl)
 Jacob of Riverwood Ranch (mtl)
 Gretchen Von Riverwood (h)
 CH Riverwood's Nitro "Nitro"(h)
 CH Riverwood's Rondo (h)
 RiverwoodVanille Eis Dan-Mar (w)
 Dan-Mar's Jazmin Potpourri (h)
 IABCA Int'l/Nat'l CH Marbledanes RWR Nitro Star, CGC,TT - "Star"(h)
 CH GMJ's the Zacharia P Steele (h)
 CH GMJ's The General D'Kota (h)
 GMJ's The Dreamboat (mtl)
 Can CH Toyspride Lady Lavender - "Marble" (h)
 Can CH Anubus'Domino V Sasdania (h)
 Can CH Toyspride Triple K Beverly (h)
 Ghengis Khan Toy's Pride Texas (h)

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