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Black Great Dane Bitch - Whelped 08/24/09 (from a litter of 7; was 11)

Video of 2yr old Spice
littermates are:
Jecamo V Presidio's Midnight Riesling "Riese" (photo) (blk male)
Jecamo V Presidio's Grand Marnier "Gigi" (blk female)
"King" (blk male),"Shadow" (blk male), "Ryker (blk male pet),"Harvey" (fawn male pet)


BISS CH Jecamos Jameson V. Oakstone
Whelped 12/28/95

Full siblings:
BIS BISS AM CH Oakstone's Rock Of Gibraltar
1997 #1 Male USA, 1999 National Specialty Winner
(photo) (photo)

CH Oakstone's Avante
CH Oakstone's Here Comes The Sun
CH Oakstone's Merry Aubrey Rose
CH Oakstonedreamcatchersgryphon
CH Oakstone's Aztec Dream
Oakstone's Call The Wind
Oakstone's Dreamweaver
Oakstone's Dawn V Lonidane
Paternal GrandSire

BIS BISS CH Owlwatch Aztec Sun, CGC
1994 National Specialty Winner
Hall of Fame
Register Of Merit

Whelped 07/27/90

Full sibling:
Owlwatch Aztec Eclipse
Paternal Great GrandSire

CH Dundane's Bacarat V Brookside
Register Of Merit

Whelped 02/17/84

Full sibling:
CH Brookside's Cecilia UD TT (Fawn female)
Paternal Great Great GrandSire

CH Sheenwater's Ace In The Hole

Whelped 06/16/1981

[CH Bodane Tourister #extend (Fawn) x Sheenwater X-Clamation #extend (Brindle)]
Paternal Great Great GrandDam
Brookside's Abbey Of Dundane, CD
Whelped 08/23/79

[BIS CH Windane's Zephyr #extend (Brindle) x CH Dundane's Catrinka #extend (Fawn)]
Paternal Great GrandDam
CH Annan's Brandywyne Ccs

Full sibling:
Annan's Brazen Reginald
Paternal Great Great GrandSire

CH Honey Lane's Go For It

Whelped 11/18/83

[Ch. Reann's French Aristocrat #extend (Fawn) x Ch. Honey Lane's Let's Do It Again #extend (Fawn)]
Paternal Great Great GrandDam
Dagon's Flashdancer
Whelped 06/20/83

Full siblings:
CH Dagon's Talisman V Northcote
Dagon's Topaz V Krisden
Dagon's Tiffany V Krisden
Dagon's Sabrina V Krisden

[Ch Dagon's In a Flash #extend(Fawn) x Ch Dagons Jarmata Of Witch Hill #extend (Fawn)]
Paternal GrandDam

BISS AM/CAN CH Limericks Lovesong, CGC


Full siblings:
Limericks Natasha Elizabeth
Limericks Lady Chelsea
Limerick Irish Tempest
Limericks Whitney Wahl
Paternal Great GrandSire

Sandale Larjo All That Jazz

Full siblings:
CH Larjo Sandales Dirty Dancer (Fawn)
Paternal Great Great GrandSire

CH Von Shrado's I'm A Knock Out
Hall of Fame
Register Of Merit

Whelped 09/13/87

More on "Fridge"

Full siblings:
BISS CH Von Shrado's Kissimmee
CH Von Shrado's Kiss My Grits
CH Von Shrado's Butterscotch
CH Von Shrado's Kiss Me Kate
Von Shrado's High-Hopes Heidi
Von Shrado's Kitt Gloves

[BISS Ch Sandales What A Guy, ROM HOF #extend (Fawn) x Ch Von Shrado's Easter Bonnet #extend (Fawn)]
Paternal Great Great GrandDam

CH Sandale's Private Dancer

[Ch Sheenwater Georgia Pacific #extend x Murlo Sybil of Sandale, ROM
#extend ]
Paternal Great GrandDam
Willowdane's Fable Von Reseac
Whelped 03/28/86
Paternal Great Great GrandSire
CH Viking's Vaquero V Stockdale

[CH Stockdale's Rory O'More #extend x CH Viking Dane's Tara Belle #extend ]
Paternal Great Great GrandDam
CH Willowdane's Just A Breeze
Whelped 01/30/83

[CH Von Raseac's County Cork x CH Deedane's Blonde Venus]

Jecamo's Amaretto
Whelped 10/10/04
PTS 12/13/10 Bone Cancer

Full siblings:
Jecamo's Franjelico (Black bitch)
Jecamos' Evening Star Venus (Black bitch)
Jecamos' Morning Star Stella (Fawn Bitch)
Maternal GrandSire

CH Brislyn's Funny Bone V Longo

Whelped 07/10/01

Full sibling:
CH Shell's Raisin Havoc (Black bitch)
Maternal Great GrandSire

CH Brislyn Plain Havoc V Varick
Whelped 03/02/91

Full siblings:
CH Brislyn Plain Sailing Varick
CH Varick's Sweet Pea V Brislyn
CH Varick's Jim Dandy V Brislyn
Varick's Tiger Lilly V Brislyn
Varicks Daisey
Varick's Plain Chief Brindle
Varick's Mr Fantasy V Brislyn CD
Maternal Great Great GrandSire

BISS CH Hauerdane's Plain James V Rika
Whelped 07/02/88

[CH Von Raseac's French Dandy x CH Rika's Plain Jane V Hauer]
Maternal Great Great GrandDam

CH Varick's Maddie Hayes
Whelped 11/30/87

[Ch Honey Lane's Casablanca #extend (Fawn) x Varick's Celebrity V Brislyn #extend (Brindle)]
Maternal Great GrandDam
Juno's Wish Upon A Star
Whelped 02/12/99

Full siblings:
CH Juno's Alexander The Great CD
Juno's Whispers V Longo
Maternal Great Great GrandSire

BISS CH Longo's Endless Gossip

Full siblings:
CH MJB's Whole Lotta Java
Ch MJB's Black with Sugar AOM
Ch M.J.B. Hauerdanes MR. Coffee
MJB's Special Blend
M.J.B. Finland Expresso
JB's Make Mine Black

[ BIS BISS CH Longo's Primo D'Aquino, HOF,ROM x CH JC's Antque's Sweet Revenge]
Maternal Great Great GrandDam
CH Falynn From Grace
Whelped 09/17/92

Full siblings:
Thor Of Asgard IX
Northkote's Magnum O Taylor
Aurora Star Spangled Banner

[Aurora's Harlem Nights #extend(Black) x Rebel's Velvet Shadow #extend (Black)]
Maternal GrandDam

Jecamos April In Parris
Whelped 02/25/99

Full siblings:
CH Willowdane's Parris V Jecamo (Black dog)
Jecamos Evening In Parris Black bitch)
Jecamos' Parris To Rio (Black dog)
Jecamos Chambord Parris (Black dog)
Jecamos' Dubbet Parris (Black dog)
Jecamos' Pernod Parris (Black dog)
Jecamos' Cote D'Or Parris (Fawn dog)
Jecamos' Parrisian Night (Black dog)
Maternal Great GrandSire

CH Jecamo's Korbel
Whelped 06/01/96

Full siblings:
Jecamo'sRJ Tuborg Dark (Black dog)
Jecamos Dahlia (Black bitch)
Jecamos Montana (Black dog)
Jecamo's Gallo (Black bitch)
Maternal Great Great GrandSire
Jecamoís Lambrusco V Luna
*1 AKC Point*
Whelped 09/27/93

Full siblings:
Luna's Little O
Sterling Cajun of Dubardanes
Devonshire's Tycoon
Jecamo's Bombay
Devonshire's Hoover
Devonshire's Dreamlover
Devonshire's Hero
Luna's On The Breezer
Devonshire's Duke Of Earl
Luna's Panther Stalks

[CH Rdr's Black Gold Of Chana #extend (Black) x Mia Luna Astarte #extend (Black)]
Maternal Great Great GrandDam
Quaker Hillís Imagine That
Whelped 11/18/92

Full siblings:
Quaker Hill's I'm Awesome Too
Quaker Hill's Isn't That Special
Quaker Hill's Internal Affairs
Quaker Hill's I'm Impressed

[ CH Quaker Hill Awesome Arnold S., CGC #extend x Kaidane Certainly Sandale]
Maternal Great GrandDam
Zarlin's Earth Angel
Whelped 02/02/97

Full siblings:
Zarlin's Travelin'man V Jecamo
Zarlin's Ticket To Ride
Zarlin's My Girl
Zarlin's Walk Like A Man
Maternal Great Great GrandSire

BISS CH Jecamos Jameson V. Oakstone

Whelped 12/28/95

[BIS BISS CH Owlwatch Aztec Sun (Fawn) x CH Limericks Lovesong (Fawn)]
Maternal Great Great GrandDam
CH Zarlinís Little Darlin
Whelped 11/24/93

Full siblings:
CH Zarlins' Peppermint Twist
Zarlin's The Great Pretender
Zarlin's Mr Sandman
Zarlin's Little Star
Zarlin's Leader Of The Pack

[CH Warwick's Thor Bodane #extend (Fawn) x CH Zarlin's Fancy Footwork (Fawn)]

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