On 04/24/05 we went to a Ren Faire to celebrate the 4th birthday of
Eagle, Comet, DJ & Phoenix
There we met up several Dane friends from the CADD group.

(Sadly Comet wasn't there & Phoenix couldn't come due to being in heat)
In attendance were 13 Great Danes & 1 "honorary" one.
[Eagle, Roku, DJ, Molly, Buster, Zoe, Gracie, Tank,
Mojo, Tandy, Khan, Rikishi, Schatze & Jazmine]

2 of the upcoming Birthday Boys

DJ - who was crowned King Of Fools!


In the beginning the weather was quite drizzly... but it cleared up

Group shots..

Phoenix enjoying her b'day present at home given by brother, DJ

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