May 30th, 2008 was a day of mixed feelings
First was the sorrow of helping 7 year old Comet cross rainbow bridge.
While Comet's spirit was still shining his body was ready to rest.

Comet's last kisses

Comet resting in our van

Comet enjoyed seeing his birthplace one more time.

Yummy - Angel Food Cake & Whipped Cream

It was good to see Comet smile - Love you Comet!

Trying to brighten the mood with a silly hat

Lass' Mom & Grandma came up with Lass to bid Comet farewell.
Afterwards our moods were lifted by our babies.

Lass giving loving licks to "grampa" - Lass & Eagle

Lass & Saber

Rooster kissing Aunt Lass a smooch - Lass, Rooster & Saber

Eagle cleaning his favorite sister's ear - Lass & Saber

Lass & Saber

Lass - Lass, Jet & Saber

Saber & Lass

Lass & Saber - Lass, Eagle & Saber

Silly Saber rolling on the deck

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