Sixstar's Extended Family

GIRLS ~ Bailey , Phoenix , Feather , Gyspy-Quail , Lass , Whinny
BOYS ~ DJ , Fortune , Goose , Talon , Keitaro , Rocky

Click here to see Comet's 1/2 brothers Harle, Tano & Loke

This little boy was ...

Comet was born 04/27/01 & laid to rest on 05/30/08.
He was the second pup born out of a litter of four.
Entire litter size was 6. 1 stillborn & loss of 1 life.

*Comet was on AKC limited registration & had been neutered*
He was registered as a Merle with White Markings.
One of the pet colors that Great Danes come in.

Comet's Pedigree

Comet resided in Southern California with 2legged dad, Robert

and rescued mix breed, Lucy.

Comet & all his littermates are American Kennel Club Of America's
certified Canine Good Citizens

View baby pixs of Comet and his littermates, Eagle, DJ & Phoenix, here.

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