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This little girl is ...

Whinny was born 06/02/02
She was the 1st born of a litter of two.

Entire litter size was 6. 3 stillborn & 1 half term puppy.

Whinny is on AKC limited registration & has been spayed.

She is registered as a Merle with White Markings.

Whinny's coloring is commonly referred to as a Mantle Marked Merle.
One of the many pet colors that Great Danes come in.

Whinny's Pedigree

Whinny lives in Southern California with 2legged parents, Jamie & Fred,
her niece Feather & spayed 5 yr old Labrador, Holly

Whinny is fed a raw diet of AFS Patties & Steve's Real Food

Whinny passed the ATTS
(American Temperament Testing Society)
Temperament Test on 01/08/05.

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