Father's Day ~ June 15th, 2003

Sixstar Family that attended:
Roku, Star, Eagle, DJ, Whinny, Lass, Keitaro, Rocky, Fortune
also Baron, Holly, Molly, Max & Alexx

C.A.D.D. members that attended:
Frankie, Kahuna, George, Elly May, Jinx, Zeke, Mulder, Miles & Ella
We raised $130 for the San Gabriel Valley Great Dane Rescue!

Lass, Star, Baron, Roku, Eagle & Whinny

Whinny, Eagle, Fortune ~ Lass & Star

DJ ~ Fortune

George ~ Ella

Keitaro, Fortune, Rocky, Alexx ~ Molly

Jinx, Fortune ~ Star & Lass

Elly May ~ Miles ~ Jinx ~ Zeke

DJ, Eagle, Whinny ~ Keitaro & Rocky

Lass ~ Star

Frankie ~ Fortune & DJ

DJ, Molly ~ Whinny

Baron, Holly, Whinny ~ Whinny, Max & Lass

Lass, Star, Roku, Eagle & Baron

Holly, Whinny, Jinx, Fortune


Star, Baron, Fortune, Roku & Eagle

Whinny, Eagle, Fortune ~ Fortune & Roku

Star, Baron, Roku & Eagle

Changes last made on June 16th, 2003