A Great Dane can be a Service Dog?
The answer, yes!

First off what is the definition of a Service Dog...
Service Dogs assist people with a disability.
These special dogs are trained to do many things,
including picking up dropped objects, pulling wheelchairs,
predicting seizures and helping with stability for walking.

FAQs about Service Animals

I thought all Service Dogs were Labradors & Retrievers.
While it's true these breeds make up a large number of Service Dogs
Service Dogs can come in all sizes, breeds and mix of breeds
depending on what tasks are required of them.

We are very proud of a couple of our pups,
Lass & "Fortune" who are among the ranks
of Great Danes with this job.

Lass, a lovely natural earred Merle Great Dane,
is a full fledged Service Dog.
She was trained for & by her 2 legged mom, Amanda,
with the assistance from the organization Leashes For Living.

You can read about Lass & her training by viewing her journal.

Fortune, a handsome natural earred Mantle Great Dane
is currently in training to be a Service Dog.
He is going through the same program as his older sister, Lass.
Fortune is scheduled to graduate early 2005

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