Last updated 10/11/04

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[2004] Eagle the Police Officer

[2004] Phoenix the Dragon

[2004] Star the Bunny

[2004] Roku the Assassin

[2004] Lass the Danish
(owned/loved by Amanda B.)

[2004] Fortune the Red Winged Blackbird
(owned/loved by Lin R.)

[2004] Eagle the Pirate

[2002] a younger pirate

[2004] Star the Cow

[2003] Luca the Nun

[2004] Comet the Masked Merle
[2003] Comet the Elf
(owned/loved by Robert H.)

Elf Comet is missing his boot & hat
[2003] Eagle the Carousel Dog

[2003] DJ the Sherriff
(owned/loved by Lisa & James F.)

[2003] Lass the Butterfly & her flower
(owned/loved by Amanda B.)

[2003] Fortune the fortune with mom from the Poor House
(owned/loved by Lin R.)

[2002] Baron the Clown

[2003] Roku as Zorro
[2002] Roku the Gentleman

[1999] Roku the Rock Star

[2002] Star the Witch

[2002] Phoenix the Sorceress

[2002] Lass the Baby Unicorn
(owned/loved by Amanda B.)

[2001] 6 mo. old littermates
DJ the Flower (owned/loved by Lisa & James F),
Comet the Vampire (owned/loved by Robert H.),
Eagle the Aviator & Phoenix the Hula Dancer

[2001] Star the Bar Wench & Roku the Bad Guy

[2000] Star the Bride & Reveille the Groom

Sadly Reveille passed from Cancer at 9 mo of age.
Kindly visit his memorial here.

[2002] Baron the Carousel Horse

[1998] Bronx the Baby, Bronx the Mummy
Bronx the Steer

Sadly Bronx left this world in 2000.
Kindly visit his memorial here.

Baron just wearing hats