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Baby pixs of "Eagle" & "Phoenix"

Baby "Eagle" with "Baron"

9 month old "Eagle" & "Phoenix" zooming in the snow

8 month old "Eagle" & "Phoenix" rough housing

"Star" smiling at the camera

Natural & Cropped at rest- "Baron" & "Roku"

Say Ah! - "Eagle" & "Phoenix"

MUSTANGS! - "Eagle" & "Phoenix"

Littermates: "Eagle" & "Phoenix"

[back of photo]"Roku" & "Jordi" (1/2 siblings; nephew/aunt)
"Eagle" & "Phoenix" (littermates)
Roku sire of Eagle & Phoenix, Jordi aunt & great aunt to Eagle & Phoenix

"Roku" & "Eagle"; Father & son

11 week old Sixstar's The "Eagle" Has Landed

"Pryde" & Marbledanes RWR Nitro "Star" in cahoots

Star & Roku ringside at a show

"Nikoma" & kitty "Pryde"

MFA's Beguilin B-Bar-H "Baron" kissing Santa Claus - Dec 2000

Jims "Diamond" Eagle smiling for the camera
(Diamond passed on at 24 yrs of age - Kindly visit his memorial page)

"Star" running on Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, CA.

Young "Star" & "Roku" being silly

8 week old Graysondanes Bugleboy of Co B ("Reveille")
(Sadly this baby succumed to Cancer at 9 mo of age - Please visit his memorial page)

"Baron" cutting teeth on a friend

"Star" & "Roku" playing leapfrog