AMHA/AMHR Dodger Billieu 32" 210lb Miniature Horse Stallion
Registered Therapy Pet through Love On A Leash

A Music Slideshow - *turn your speakers on*

Saber is a part of Rim Of The World Comfort Pets

Saber - Oct 2008

Saber & Nilla

Saber - Sept 2008

Spring 2008 - Fall 2008

Saber playing Musical Chairs @ Bark In The Park - Sept 13th, 2008)

Saber at Lake Gregory - Sept 2008

Miniature Horses are measured at the base of the last hair of their mane not at the wither like other horses.

Summer 2008

A video of Saber's 1st try at Rally Obedience

A video of Saber getting in our van

Saber is a sharp fellow and learned how to sit pretty fast

Saber with Eagle

Video: Saber & Rooster at play

Saber was in Pasadena's 31st Occassional Doo Dah Parade

Saber & Rooster Dec 2007

Saber & Eagle

Music Slideshow: Saber when he was pudgy & new to our family. Song:"New Kid In Town" by the Eagles

"Rachel, You asked me to send this picture to you.
Your poney came over to my mom that day.
She loved that episode of petting your poney and also asked me for a copy.
I am sad to say that was the last thing she asked from me.

I take comfort in how much fun we had in the mountains
Thank you for your kindness to my mom.
She was truly blessed to have died in her sleep surrounded by family at home.
Thank you for bringing her joy also.


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